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Womens Pyjamas: Finding a Happy Medium between Function and Frum

The old image of womens pyjamas as frumpy, unattractive garments is now outdated as designers recognize the potential of this market for expansion. The retail sector has certainly seen a rapid increase in this area with increasing numbers of outlets opening that are specifically dedicated to selling ladies nightwear and undergarments.

Despite the prevalence of images of womens pyjamas as being sexually alluring in the media there is still a market for more comfortable and practical nighttime attire. Whilst not as glamorous or as well marketed as their scantier counterparts they are still a vital part of a woman’s wardrobe.

During a woman’s life she goes through many different stages which affect her choice of nightwear. Women begin life wearing the same pyjamas as men. They cover them from the neck down and provide warmth and a sense of security thus directly reflecting the warmth and security that most children feel. As women age their pyjamas follow the same transformation as their clothes, in general they become scantier. Womens pyjamas reflect the needs of their wearer at the different stages of their lives. As a child they need warmth and security, when they enter adulthood the search for a partner begins so pyjamas are adapted to become sexually alluring articles of attire. As old age draws in the process is inverted with pyjamas once again becoming practical items that are designed to provide warmth and comfort.

The manufacturers of womens pyjamas are constantly striving to remove the division between comfortable, practical pyjamas and those that are considered to be sexually alluring. After all women always want to look good but are not always willing to sacrifice comfort in order to achieve it. The attempt to create womens pyjamas that are comfortable without being frumpy and functional whilst still being sexually alluring is one that consumes most pyjama manufacturers. The creation of a set of pyjamas that achieve that would certainly be an invention that would be welcomed by a great number of women and have many financial benefits to the manufacturer. Therefore manufacturers will continue to strive to find a happy medium between function and frump.


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